Introducing the New: Trickle Research Blog

This is our inaugural blog so we will spend it describing why we started a blog in the first place.   If you are reading this, then you know that we provide a relatively voluminous bit of written research around our coverage companies.  We also try to augment that with video Q&A’s with our coverage company representatives as well.

However, sometimes we have things to say that are not necessarily related to our coverage stocks and those may be macro related issues and/or they may be issues related to other companies we are looking at but for one reason or another have not put under coverage and/or perhaps are unlikely to put under coverage but we think are worth sharing.   Some may recall, under our EdeWater Research label, we used to provide a newsletter that that had separate columns where we typically provided some of that type of color.

The above said, much like our coverage research, we will provide two types of blogs.  As you probably know, we have research on our site that we typically refer to as “Public Access Research” that is available to anyone who takes the time to set up a login to gain access to our site.  At the same time, we provide “Premium Research” which is available only to our paying subscribers.  Additionally, in leu of payment for a subscription, we also provide 6 months access to Premium Research to those who attend one of our conferences in person.  We refer to that as a “Conference Subscription”.   

To edify, we have a conference coming up on May 26, 2021 at TopGolf in Centennial, Colorado, and we will provide Conference Subscriptions to those who attend.  If you are currently utilizing a Conference Subscription and you do not attend the upcoming conference, your Premium Conference subscription will expire on May 26, 2021.   

For those of you who currently have a Premium Research subscription or a Conference Subscription, we will have a new Premium Research blog out shortly that will address one of our past conference presenters that has been trading up lately for some reasons we will try to cover in the blog.   

I hope you will tune in and thank you as always for your continued support of Trickle Research!!

-Dave Lavigne