Trickle Research Spring 2024 Microcap Conference

Our Spring 2024 conference will be held on April 2nd, 2024 at Ball Arena in Denver Colorado.  The conference will be a single-track, single-day, 8 company event, which is a bit abbreviated from our prior events. The presenters will largely be made up of current Trickle Research Coverage companies. Each presenter will be allotted 25-minutes and we expect the conference to run from approximately 1:30 pm until 5:30 pm followed by drinks, dinner and NBA Basketball featuring the World Champion Denver Nuggets.

See below for more information on this event and our presenters.

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Investments in “microcap” securities are highly risky and speculative, including, without limitation, for the following reasons: high potential for the loss of entire investment or the loss of a material percentage of investment; high potential for limited, nonexistent and/or highly volatile trading and/or liquidity of the investment (i.e., illiquid investment, no or limited secondary trading and/or other secondary market for “microcap” securities).   Investments in “microcap” securities are not suitable and/or appropriate for all investors.  Potential investors must conduct their own independent investigations/due diligence, retain such financial, legal, tax and other professional advisors as they deem appropriate, and make their own independent decisions regarding all financial and/or securities-related transactions in respect of “microcap” securities and otherwise.