Every raging river, every great lake, every deep blue sea starts … with a trickle

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Our Mission

Our mission at Trickle Research is to provide our subscribers with proprietary research and analysis on emerging opportunities both public and private. In the public arena those criteria are generally found among the microcap and small cap sectors of the equity markets, but that certainly is not always the case.  In the private equity space, we look for early stage opportunities with an industry agnostic approach.  As our name implies, while we certainly look for opportunities in the early stage of development, we also view illiquidity as another potentially positive criteria.  We recognize that may be a rather unorthodox approach, but in general, our view is that the requirement for asset liquidity has become so dominant that it has added premiums (apparent or otherwise) to the prices of those “liquid” assets.  Put another way, one of the best places to find value may be among investments focused on long term returns rather than on near term liquidity. 

We have spent nearly 30 years in this end of the investment business providing research and analysis on dozens of small and/or early stage enterprises both public and private across a variety of industries.  Our collective trackable performance over that period of time has comfortably outperformed the major equity indexes.  We like to believe that our extended experience in the space has made us consistently better at this analysis, but we humbly admit that we continue to learn every day; a trait we believe ultimately makes us better at what we do.  Perhaps as important, our longevity in the industry has also allowed us to develop broad and deep relationships that we view as invaluable to our processes on a variety of levels.

Again, we think some of the best opportunities for extraordinary returns rest in two approaches; participating in opportunities early (when they are just a trickle) and/or participating in opportunities when they are illiquid (when their liquidity is just a trickle) and no one else seems to want them or is paying attention.   That is our basic focus because every raging river, every great lake and every deep blue sea starts…with a trickle.