We initiated coverage of ID Watchdog (IDWAF) on 10/13/16 at $.14 per share and a 12-24 month price target of $.42.  To retrieve this initiating research .  ID Watchdog was acquired by Equifax in June 2017 for $.40 per share in cash and as a result the coverage was terminated. 

We initiated coverage of Barfresh Food Group, Inc. (BRFH). on 03/27/17 at $.58 per share, and a 12-24 month Price Target of $1.60.  We terminated the coverage on 08/20/18 at $.53 after the company failed to achieve the metrics we were expecting. 

We initiated coverage of New Jersey Mining (NJMC) at $.115 on 01/18/17 with a 12-24 month price target of $.21.  We downgrade our allocation on 04/08/19 at $.17 per share and we terminated the coverage on 05/16/19 at $.13.

We initiated coverage of PureCycle on 05/05/17 at $7.60 and a $10.75 price target.  We upgraded the price target to $12.0 on 02/09/18. We terminated the coverage on 12/02/19 at $12.25 after it breached our price target.

We initiated coverage of Endurance Exploration (EXPL) on 11/06/17 at $.18 and a $.29 price target.  The stock advanced well above our target, trading as high as $.75 in late 2017.  Moreover, the stock continued to trade above our price target through much of the first half of 2018, albeit with generally limited volume.  However, in an effort to reduce costs, in early 2019, they terminated the registration of their stock with the SEC and stopped filing financial statements. Clearly, we neglected the stock from a research standpoint, in that we should have terminated it when they stopped filing, although at that point, it was largely academic.  That said, we subsequently bought a position in the stock because we still think they are going to find more shipwrecks.  That however, (us taking a position in the stock) should definitely have led us to terminate the coverage, since as a general rule, we do not own stocks we cover.  We (officially) terminated the coverage on 06/14/21 at $.028

We initiated coverage of GrowGeneration Corp. (GRWG) on 06/20/17 at $2.00 and a 12-24 month price target of $3.40.  We terminated coverage of  GrowGeneration on 12/21/17 at $3.44 as the stock breached our price target.  

We initiated coverage of Semler Scientific  (SMLR) on 12/27/17 at $8.00 per share with an initial 12-24 month  price target of $15.  We terminated the coverage 11/07/18 at $31.99 after the stock breached our target.  

We initiated coverage of PetroShare  Corp. (PRHR) on 05/31/18 at $1.46.  We terminated our coverage of PetroShare on 09/09/19 at $.04 following the chapter 11 reorganization filing. 

When we initiated this coverage at $.59 on 7/23/19 with an allocation of 3 (speculative). Despite various approaches/attempts, the Company failed to raise the capital necessary to execute the business plan. That was a risk we knew going in.

We downgrade the stock from 3 to 1 on 11/29/19 at $.11 after its prospects for financing appeared bleak. The Company filed for Chapter 11 reorganization on 12/18/19. We terminated the coverage on 03/30/20.

This is disappointing. We still think they have a viable product, but they were unable to overcome some of their past missteps.