Vivakor, Inc. is a socially responsible operator, acquirer and developer of clean energy technologies and environmental solutions, primarily focused on soil remediation. We specialize in the remediation of soil and the extraction of hydrocarbons, such as oil, from properties contaminated by or laden with heavy crude oil and other hydrocarbon-based substances. Our patented process allows us to successfully recover the hydrocarbons which we believe could then be used to produce asphaltic cement and/or other petroleum-based products.

We are focused on the remediation of contaminated soil and water resulting from either man-made spills or naturally occurring deposits of oil. Our primary focus has been the remediation of oil spills resulting from the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait, naturally occurring oil sands deposits in the Uinta basin located in Eastern Utah and most recently the remediation of tank bottom sludge and other oil industry waste in our new Houston Texas location. We plan to expand into other markets, both in Utah, Houston and globally, where we believe our technology and services will provide a distinct competitive advantage over our competition