We initiated coverage of ID Watchdog (IDWAF) on 10/13/16 at $.14 per share and a 12-24 month price target of $.42.  To retrieve this initiating research .  ID Watchdog was acquired by Equifax in June 2017 for $.40 per share in cash and as a result the coverage was terminated. 

We initiated coverage of Barfresh Food Group, Inc. (BRFH). on 03/27/17 at $.58 per share, and a 12-24 month Price Target of $1.60.  We terminated the coverage on 08/20/18 at $.53 after the company failed to achieve the metrics we were expecting. 

We initiated coverage of New Jersey Mining (NJMC) at $.115 on 01/18/17 with a 12-24 month price target of $.21.  We downgrade our allocation on 04/08/19 at $.17 per share and we terminated the coverage on 05/16/19 at $.13.

We initiated coverage of PureCycle on 05/05/17 at $7.60 and a $10.75 price target.  We upgraded the price target to $12.0 on 02/09/18. We terminated the coverage on 12/02/19 at $12.25 after it breached our price target.

We initiated coverage of GrowGeneration Corp. (GRWG) on 06/20/17 at $2.00 and a 12-24 month price target of $3.40.  We terminated coverage of  GrowGeneration on 12/21/17 at $3.44 as the stock breached our price target.  

We initiated coverage of Semler Scientific  (SMLR) on 12/27/17 at $8.00 per share with an initial 12-24 month  price target of $15.  We terminated the coverage 11/07/18 at $31.99 after the stock breached our target.  

We initiated coverage of PetroShare  Corp. (PRHR) on 05/31/18 at $1.46.  We terminated our coverage of PetroShare on 09/09/19 at $.04 following the chapter 11 reorganization filing. 

When we initiated this coverage at $.59 on 7/23/19 with an allocation of 3 (speculative). Despite various approaches/attempts, the Company failed to raise the capital necessary to execute the business plan. That was a risk we knew going in.

We downgrade the stock from 3 to 1 on 11/29/19 at $.11 after its prospects for financing appeared bleak. The Company filed for Chapter 11 reorganization on 12/18/19. We terminated the coverage on 03/30/20.

This is disappointing. We still think they have a viable product, but they were unable to overcome some of their past missteps.