• Born and raised in North Idaho's "Silver Valley" one of the world's most prolific silver mining districts.  (That may explain why as a microcap "generalist", I still have an affinity for resources stories).  
  • 1984. Graduated from the University of Idaho College of Business with a  Bachelors of Science -Institutional Finance.
  • 1984 thru 2001.  Worked for a handful of small regional broker dealers where I did a variety of things: managed branches, built compliance protocols, developed asset allocation systems, national sales manager, CEO (worst job I've ever had) and...managed, provided research for and in one case started the research department(s) of those enterprises.  
  • 2002-2009. Founder and manager of EdgeWater Research Partners LLC: one of the first (that we know of) subscription based microcap research and conferencing companies.
  • 2009-2015 co-founded and co-managed Accredited Members, Inc., which was a (bigger) extension of the EdgeWater model but also included private startup companies.     
  • 2015-2016- co-founder and co-manager of Touch 4 Partners LLC a small private equity group. 
  • Late 2016 - Present. Founder and Analyst Trickle Research LLC.   

Our Research Distribution Partner; Stock Market Manager:  (click the logo to visit their site). 

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Trickle's research is available via annual subscription.  To purchase a subscription via credit card ($279.00/year)                         .  Cash subscriptions can be purchased by sending a check to Trickle Research in the amount of $229.00  to our address:                              .                                

Trickle Subscribers receive all Trickle Research content via e-mail directly upon initiation and/or publication of the research.  If issuers choose to have research hosted and distributed by SMM.Global, Trickle will not release that research for public hosting until subscribers have had (in the case of initiating coverage) at least 72 hours to review the research, and in the case of updates and research notes, at least 24 hours to review the research.   If issuers choose not to have the research hosted Trickle Subscribers will be the only individuals authorized to view the research.  Trickle will at its own discretion, also provide certain research notes and other updates that will be available to subscribers only, regardless of existing content arrangements with SMM. 

Trickle subscribers are given priority for attendance to Trickle sponsored invitation only conferences and other  events.                                                     


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Trickle's research is proprietary to its subscriber base, and as such we do not allow the redistribution of our research by unauthorized parties, including our subscribers. However, Trickle also has an exclusive research hosting and distribution license with Stock Market Manager ("SMM").  To visit their site; www.SMM.Global, 

Our content licensing agreement allows "SMM" to host and distribute Trickle's research provided they pay Trickle a license fee for the use of that content.  In that case, the "issuer" (the subject company of the research report) must contract with SMM to provide for the hosting of the research and other issuer related news and releases.  That agreement would make the research  available to the public via its hosting at SMM.Global. The agreement would also include distribution of the research and subsequent updates to SMM's considerable proprietary database generally for a period of one year.  If such a license exists, we will indicate that in the RESEARCH COVERAGE tab on this site next to each issuer/subject company logo.  Issuers are under no obligation to pay SMM for the hosting and distribution of Trickle's research. However, absent the agreement, the redistribution, copying or sharing of Trickle's research beyond is subscriber base is strictly prohibited.  

SMM provides a monthly newsletter called the Black Swan Connection, as well as other proprietary company profiles and collateral.  Trickle acts as Editor of the newsletter and provides other content for SMM.  Access to SMM's content is available via free registration.  To register for the newsletter and other associated content  

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